Specialty coffee in Toledo

They told me: “You won’t survive selling coffee, people won’t understand you”. My response was, “Let them try it and we’ll see.”


Il Cappuccino is the first specialty coffee shop to open its doors in Toledo capital in 2014.
Since then, we have been offering the best specialty coffee, always freshly roasted by the best Spanish roasters.
This corner dedicated exclusively to the world of coffee is for people like you, demanding, looking for quality and things well done.

Come and have a coffee with me in the historic center of Toledo or find what you need to make the best coffee at home.

Tripadvisor Travellers’
Choice 2022

Thanks to all those who made it possible for Il Cappuccino to enter the top 10% of the world’s best establishments.

Discover everything you need to prepare
the best coffee at home

A good cup of coffee begins by choosing quality water, freshly roasted and specialty coffee beans, and very important to grind at the moment taking into account the type of grind for each infusion method. Find here everything you need to infuse your coffee in a practical and easy way.

Italian Artisan Coffee Makers

The famous mokas are the coffee makers that cannot be missing at home. They are practical, easy to use, easy to clean, there are not so many variables to take into account to obtain a good taste. We present you the Italian coffee makers handmade in Milan-Italy, made with the best qualities, they are for a lifetime.

Specialty coffee beans

At Il Cappuccino you will find a great variety of specialty coffee. Take it with you in grain or ground. The coffee will always be seasonal, fresh, recently roasted, and with a high cupping score.


To achieve a good coffee at home, it is not necessary to spend thousands of Euros on expensive machinery, difficult to understand, with many variables to take into account, and with tedious maintenance. We show you here the best complements so that you can get the best out of your specialty coffee.

Have the opportunity to have a
amazing morning

If you have doubts and want to place direct orders
Feel free to contact me at or send me a direct message.
via Instagram/Facebook. I will be happy to help you.

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