Coffee in Toledo

My passion for coffee

I have worked with some commercial brands that were supposedly good coffee growers and roasters, but with a lot of education and above all curiosity, I discovered that there was a whole world unknown to most of us, that coffee is a world, and that we were not enjoying it to its full potential.

This is one of the objectives of Il cappuccino’s project, to democratize the world of specialty coffee, so that it is not accessible to a few but to all coffee lovers.
My mission is to awaken that curiosity and that there is no turning back, many of you have told me that now you have to go for specialty coffee, for good coffee, many of you have become baristas at home, and that fills me with joy.

Specialty coffee in Toledo

This is what makes me wake up excited every day, the fact that more and more people, curious like you, learn and get the best out of specialty coffee. For me it is a joy to share knowledge in the local (whenever possible) to give and of course! also to receive new knowledge, one never stops learning.

Il Cappuccino was created for coffee lovers who know they are coffee lovers or who have not yet realized they are. I am waiting for you!

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